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After the basic course, a 1 month internship in Tanzania follows where students can put their newly acquired farming skills into practice. The entire class travels to Tanzania where students will experience the real Africa in a local community. You will engage with local farmers and get insights into a variety of productions such as coffee and banana, or African livestock. You will be part of a new and different culture and experience situations such as having to milk cows by hand or slaughter a goat. Because our students have different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, they all have their own approach in regards to African culture, climate and farming methods in other countries

The time in Tanzania provides an excellent foundation for the upcoming long-term internship.

Practical info about the internship in Tanzania

Passport: You must have a valid passport, with at least 6 months left before expiration.

Visa: You must apply for a visa to Tanzania. We will assist you here at the college. You will pay yourself for the visa. You will be refunded afterwards be the Danish Government funds. 

Vaccinations: Proof of yellow fever vaccination required before departure. This is a prerequisite to enter to Tanzania. If you want other vaccines and if you have any questions about this, please contact your doctor. You will have to cover the costs for vaccinations yourself. You will be refunded afterwards be the Danish Government funds. 

Travel: The cost of the flight ticket will be financed by Danish Government funds. However, the students are obligated to apply for this funding personally and individually. We will of course assist you here at the college.

Accommodation and food: You will be charged for cover the costs for food and accommodation for the 1 month. Intership-tour Tanzania cost DKK 6.350,- per student.